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Steve Hanks

Few artists can duplicate the emotional depth Steve Hanks achieves in his spectacular watercolors. Each painting is meticulously drawn with great attention to detail. All of them reflect a moment in time, often a token of the artist's memory. The viewer's reward is a grand interconnectedness with the artists' favorite moments. These moments reflect our own experiences as well.

“Steve Hanks is a man driven by private passions,” writes the author of an introductory biography to Steve Hanks; Poised Between Heartbeats. “He never painted to sell, but only to survive and follow his star. Each painting is a momentary glimpse through the moving curtain that hides the secrets of his craft. Each painting is a mystery that needs to be sorted out and unraveled.” These words suggest something of the complexity that is Steve Hanks. A product of the turbulent sixties, Hank's artistic vision began with hard-edged caricatures, moved through the artistic fads of the day and, finally, to a quiet celebration of the world around him.

Steve Hanks' paintings, formed by his own varied life experiences, have a universal quality that intrigues our senses with intimations of what the artist has termed “moments of introspective solitude.” His sensitive images reach out to us and ask, as do the works of no other contemporary artist, “What are these subjects thinking? What are they feeling.?”

Hanks' talent is obvious and unquestioned. His dedication to his art is validated by a lifetime of struggle and hard work. His restless mind is constantly exploring new frontiers, always attempting to touch the unknowable with his art.